Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh

"A leading MFI delivering financial and non-financial services to the members and low-income households in a sustainable manner"

UMM places strong belief in its systems and the SHG members' base it has created over the years. UMM sees itself as the best and hence leading MFI in the Uttarakhand state of India in terms of- a) affordability of financial services and b) quality of products. UMM has been the pioneer in terms of offering financial services in the areas where it operates and would like to maintain this competitive position in the coming years as well.

Financial & Non-Financial Services
Formal financial institutions lack extension of their services to the poor women and low-income household. However, there is a need for regular credit from poor women and low-income households engaged in small enterprises and other income generation activities. UMM would like to serve this client segment with its affordable and quality financial and non-financial products.

Sustainable Manner
UMM will strive for its own sustainability so that it can continue to provide services in an on-going manner. It will also strive to seek financial sustainability for its clients in the activities they are involved, by delivering the most needed financial services.