Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh

UMM will always be accountable to all the stakeholders including the members and outside agencies. UMM will always try to ensure that the promises made to the stakeholders are fulfilled in the desired manner.

UMM will be transparent in its dealings with the members as well as other stakeholders. UMM, being a community owned institution, must always maintain a high degree of sincerity, honesty and openness in order to honour the commitment made to the members and other stakeholders including its own employees.

Client Focused:
UMM's services are designed keeping in mind the needs and preferences of members and the target community. It will always be vigilant in terms of responding to the needs of the people and come out with the client focused financial and non-financial services.

UMM's reputation in the target market itself speaks about the trust it has gained among the local communities. UMM will always deliver the high quality services to the members and low income households, who have otherwise been ignored by the formal financial system. People rely on UMM and other group entities because of the work done in the target community for improving the economic standards of the people.

Organisation Centric:
Staff members'activities and decisions are directed towards the institution as a whole. Each staff takes a decision in the best interests of the institution rather than the specific department in which he/she works.