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UMM Strategies

UMM has positioned itself as an MFI to offers credit at affordable costs to the SHG members.UMM, being the pioneer in offering financial services in the areas where it works, has always offered loans with competitive interest rates. UMM believes that its enterprise loan is well-suited to the needs and preferences of SHG members. The operational priorities and strategies of UMM to strengthen its microfinance programs is as follows.

UMM target clients are poor house hold women of rural hill areas of Uttarakhand engaged in income generation activities UMM Offers enterprise loans and other financial and non-financial services as well.

UMM intends for wider coverage of members through Geographic expansion into other districts of Uttarakhand (blocks that are easily accessible) by forming new SHGs and imparting members' education on cooperative - its principles, values etc.

UMM has been increasing the number of active borrowers from among the members through exploring new business opportunities and extending credit services for that UMM has planned to be affordable financial service provider with quality products.

Enhance the recovery rate though close monitoring, improved peer pressure, clients education etc. and there by increase the income of the organization.

Exploring the possibilities to utilize the idle savings amount of the groups for internal and mutual lendings among SHGs through the federation.

Tie up with L.I.C. /G.I.C. and other private insurance companies for insuring member's life.

Increased mobilization on resources - both loan funds and grants for strengthening the microfinance operation.

Attaining 100% OSS and FSS in its microfinance operation Offer loans with competitive interest rates by offering loans with interest rates charged as per the declining balance method, Doorstep delivery of services, Faster processing of loans, good customer relationship - members of UMM perceive it as one of the trusted and transparent financial service providers, which works for the betterment of the poor people. Members own the organization.