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UMM has organized capacity building training programme for its staff, governance and clients the facts of capacity building training programme for its staff and members is as follows.

Programe on Strategic business plan for micro finance institutions
3 days
Overview of microfinance and importance of strategic business plan.
Institutional analysis/SWOT analysis of own organization in terms of resources - strength & weakness.
Sector & macro analysis: political environmental social and technological analysis - opportunities and threats.
Market scenario analysis - estimating demand of microfinance.
Market scenario analysis.
Designing Expansaion strategy in product expansion and geographical expansaion.
Trainings on financial Management for SHGs members
2 days
Financial management training by our experts especially focused on recordkeeping and inter loaning process to developed it as self reliant
Training on SHG Record keeping
2 days
SHGs Record keeping
How to maintain Ledger, How to write proceedings, and Trail balance of SHG
Training on Management Information System (MIS)
2 days
Training of MIS software
Product Development Strategies in Micro finance sector
5 days
Microfinance overview
Developing Microfinance Product and Services
Innovative Microfinance Product and Services
Micro Insurance
Governance training for board members
3 days
To developed statutory requirements of the board under their respective Acts
Explanation and discussion of Board processes
Functions and Powers of the Board Discussions and deliberation on Good governance guidelines, concept and functions of Competency profiling process of Decision making