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Success Stories

Smt. Sarla Devi (UMM Ex-President, Bhatwari village, Chandan Ganga Valley)
Associated with A T India and UMM for 8 long years, Sarla Devi holds the prestigious post of the President of UMM. Narrating her first encounter with the A T I India employees, she says, "When they told us to form a Self Help Group, I did not know what they were talking about. But under their guidance, we began by pooling Rs. 10 each. After a while I understood the benefits of an SHG formation. I remember that initially there was much mistrust among women with regard to such a venture. They even went to the extent of saying that Sarla Devi and .....Read More

Smt. Surma Devi (Pali, Mansoona)
A resident of Pali village, Surma Devi has seen a gradual but steady growth after being associated with A T India. Beginning as the secretary of her SHG, and later becoming the Secretary of Mansuna valley's Valley Level association, She now works as a full time employee with the UMM and essentially manages tasks associated with disbursals and recovery of loans. For her, this progress is a great achievement. She has also been able to gain skills of spinning and weaving from the training given by A T India. Moreover, she also has some agricultural land .....Read More

Smt. Rajkumari Devi (Mansuna, District Rudraprayag)
From being a shy quiet woman engaged only in household work, Rajkumari Devi has grown to be more enterprising, vocal and confident. In her 5-6 years association with ATIndia, she has grown from being a small member to taking policy making decisions as President of the Mansuna Valley Association where she leads more than 300 women. In addition, she is also the Secretary of the UMM, a position that she confidently volunteered to take up. After being associated with UMM, Rajkumari Devi saw a sea change in her life. Having taken a loan of Rs. 20,000.00 from.....Read More

Smt. Dilli Devi (Dairy producer, Burva Village)
Earlier a milk producer associated with Aanchal, a government owned co-operative dairy, Dilli Devi later joined Appropriate Technologies India (ATI) as a dairy producer. The complicated guidelines of Aanchal made her shift to ATI, which provided her with a simpler, more comprehensive and more lucrative business model. Having become a member of the Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh (UMM) co-operative, she took a loan of about Rs. 20,000 two years back for purchasing a buffalo. Dilli Devi has not only been able to repay her loan within the stipulated period of.....Read More