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Products And Services

As noted above that the communities residing in the hill villages of Uttarakhand state has been largely deprived of the access over the formal source of finance due to remoteness and were subject to the exploitation of money lenders like in other rural parts. The men in general and women in particulars were lacking the access over the financial services and have demanded the provision of such services. While the SHGs formation have been initiated to meet out the unmet needs of the communities in the hill villages but the larger size of loans remains as a constraint due to small saving of SHGs. Therefore to cater the need of the SHGs UMM has been formed which provides the convenient, affordable and sustainable micro finance services. The Services that SHGs are noted as below:

Door steps micro-finance services including insurance.

Easy to repay in convenient instalments tailored according to the needs of the SHG members.

Trainings and capacity buildings on financial management including governance matters, leadership and enterprise development.

Financial literacy specifically on enterprises development.

Hand holdings in order to make the micro-enterprises viable for which they avail of the loan.

Information about the various govt. insurance schemes and other developmental schemes.